new drawing series/undrawing 7

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before and after

before and after
between the days of before

and after

transitions that

find each other
til now

between the
river and the


seeds of memory

through dawns horizons
fragments of

forgotten time

to a place of
no absolutes

dust and fragments
carrying that unseen

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words have been used too often,
touched and turned, and left exposed
to the dust of the street. the words we seek hang close to the tree. we come at dawn and
find them sweet beneath the leaf…..

Virginia Woolf Jacobs Room, 1922

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transition in e minor

the leaves drop and the whisper still.
i am alone all one, but for the breath of mist that curtains the valley through the soft shadows
past the beaten quiet of the rain and bush. my thoughts form corridors from the breeze
by the changing language of rain and moments held. yesterday was not so long ago
the pictures cast a silent line of moving fragments
unswept and patterned, save for the thoughts that hold me in a place of no
absolutes like a loose casting of time not yet spent
a gathering, trying not to hold more than within this moment loosely falling
like the keys of a piano, the
sound of landing

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the sound of landing

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articles of faith

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….small works – digital prints of woodcut/collages/mixed media the series has been going for a few years, and resurfaces every now and then. all my themes are like that. bodies of work take years to resolve…..

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